Two Factor Auth (2FA)

Info regarding Chase 2FA.

Chase 2FA is always enabled.

When you login to your account on a new device using the desktop website, mobile website, or app, you will be prompted to receive a code through a call or message to any registered phone number or email on your account.

These phone numbers and emails are the ones registered on your main online account, NOT the ones registered for Chase QuickPay or banking over text message.

How to Change the Registered Contact Info on Your Account

Note on Security

For your security, this guide will not have a clickable link to the Chase website. This helps make sure you are at the real Chase website and not at a phishing website.

  1. Go to the main Chase website (
  2. At the top of the page, click "Customer Center".
  3. Under "My Information", click "Change mailing address, phone and/or email".
  4. Follow the instructions at the top of the page to change your registered information.
  5. The next time you login to the Chase website or app on an unrecognized device, you will be prompted for a code sent to one of your registered devices.